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DPF & Turbo Cleaner


Wynn's DPF & Turbo Cleaner is a two-in-one additive designed to clean and regenerate DPF’s whilst cleaning variable turbos and freeing sticking vanes.


With its easy to use one shot treatment and backed by European technology, simply add Wynn's DPF & Turbo Cleaner to the diesel tank to help prevent LIMP mode or DPF

replacement occurring.



Features and Benefits:
  • Avoid costly & DPF & Turbo failure

  • Cleans & regenerates restricted DPF's

  • Cleans & frees sticking turbo vanes

  • Maximises life of DPF & turbo charger

  • 2-in-1 treatment

  • Continues to clean for up to 3,000km

  • Can be used as a turbo only cleaner on Diesel Engines without DPF’s

  • Capless fuel system compatible

  • Easy-to-use one-shot treatment

  • Treats up to 80 Litres



Wynn's DPF & Turbo Cleaner is for all diesel vehicles with DPF or Turbo. Wynn's DPF & Turbo Cleaner can also be used as a Turbo only Cleaner on Diesel Engines without DPF’s.

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