Frequently Answered Questions:


I can’t get any pressure regardless of what the machine is set on?

Please check the tank for any debris that might have made it’s way into the tank and underneath the float switch blocking the flow of chemical.


I’ve connected the car, but the flow indicator on the front of the machine isn’t turning?

The Transerve 4 has an internal temperature monitoring system that won’t allow the machine to commence servicing until it has reached a satisfactory temperature. Most cars have their own transmission thermostat, and the ideal operating temperature is determined by the OEM. There for the Transerve 4 won’t be able to perform the service until the vehicle has achieved its normal operating temperature. In some cases, the Transerve 4 will still perform the service without the indicator turning.

I am doing a transmission service and the Transerve hasn’t delivered the right amount of fluid?

Make sure the scales at the bottom of the Transerve 4 are secured. Make sure the scales are calibrated, the procedure to do that is in the manual.


The cone on Multiserve isn’t working?

- Undo the nozzle and make sure the filter is clean. - Also check inside the tank to make sure it’s clear of debris.

I’m trying to do a DPF and the Multiserve keeps showing me low power?

Make sure the battery clips are in good contact with the battery. Make sure the battery in the car is properly charged, if not use a jumper pack or second battery to power the Multiserve.

If you can't locate the answers you need, please fill in a support ticket or contact your Wynn's representative directly.