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Petrol Injector Cleaner


Wynn’s Petrol Injector Cleaner moves through the fuel system quickly to safely remove deposits. It cleans the injectors and restores the ideal injector spray pattern creating more power and better acceleration. Wynn’s Petrol Injector Cleaner protects against rust and corrosion while being catalytic converter, oxygen sensor and E10 safe.


Features and Benefits:
  • Cleans injectors as you drive for up to 5000km

  • Increases engine power & fuel economy

  • Smooths idling & cold starting

  • Easy to use, one shot treatment

  • Protects against rust and corrosion

  • Formulated using European technology

  • Catalytic converter, oxygen sensor & E10 safe

  • Capless fuel system compatible

  • Treats up to 80 litres of petrol



Wynn’s Petrol Injector Cleaner is suitable for use with all grades of petrol fuels. It is also suitable for conventional and direct injection systems including Turbo Charged.

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