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Our History


Chestien Wynn, a 70 year old retired attorney with an interest in lubrication chemistry, discovered a formula he named "Wynn's Friction Proofing" Oil. This surface treatment for metal actually changed the chemistry of the metal, making it softer and better able to withstand friction and wear.


Chestien Wynn would mix a batch of his product in his one car garage workshop, fill and label glass bottles with it and sell them to the local service stations and garages. Motorists, who used the products once, wanted another bottle of it.

Wynn's Friction Proofing


It wasn't long before Chestien was forced to hire a salesman so he could devote his time to producing and bottling. However, just as business was beginning to pick up, World War II began. The Salesman went into the Navy and Chestien Wynn could no longer get the chemicals and lubricants to make his product.

World War II


Son Carl E. Wynn joins the company and moves production into his two car garage. On May 28, 1947 the company was incorporated under the name Wynn Oil Company at 1222 Duarte Road, San Gabriel, California. An average of 40 cases of products per day was produced.


Wynn sponsors the first of many race cars and drivers.

Wynn Oil Company


April 1, 1948, Fire destroyed the two car garage. Within a few short weeks Wynn's actually flew in equipment and machinery to resume operation in a temporary location at Azusa, California.


A flight was made in a Luscombe Silvaire airplane with NO OIL IN THE CRANKCASE. The plane flew seven minutes without oil (the engine had been treated with Wynn's Friction Proofing, illustrating that it penetrates the surfaces of moving metal parts and forms a protective film of lubrication).


Unusual office building & manufacturing plant of Wynn's Oil Company, designed by the Austin Company.


Carl Wynn speaking to the designer, said, "I think it would be stimulating to be able to pause in our work and have an unobstructed view of the Sierra Madre Range"..."I have collected many cacti...we love the desert, you know". The unique design reflects Mr. Wynn's desires.

Fire Disaster



The Deep Sea Test

"The Deep Sea Test" was run in Newport Beach, CA in June. Two motors were immersed into salt water and left for fourteen days. One of the motors was treated with Wynn's Friction Proofing Oil and the other was not.


RESULTS: While still wet, the motor treated with Friction Proofing started without difficulty, the other did not.


Johnny Parsons, driving the Friction Proofing Special, won the Indianapolis 500 race

Indianapolis 500



Twin Car Tests

Year long Twin Car tests were conducted to demonstrate that the product reduces wear and fuel consumption over a 100,000 mile test period. Independent consultants certified the accuracy of the test which showed that Wynn's Friction Proofing products were responsible for 10.1% better gas mileage and 44.7% less bearing damage and 21.6% less starting friction.


Record Breaking

The establishment of a new world's land speed record on the Bonnevillle Salt Flats by the Wynn's Friction Proofing "Streamliner" continued the company's high performance publicity. Driven by Roy Leslie (a distributor) the sleek car, powered by three tandem engines, traveled more than 270 mph to reach the best one-mile land speed ever obtained.



Two new records for light plane endurance flights are set. The first at 1200 hours and the second at 1650 hours, were set consecutively in aircraft protected by Wynn's Friction Proofing. "Old Scotchman", a Cessna based in Dallas, Texas, set the 50-day, 1200 hour mark. The "Hacienda" of Las Vegas, Nevada, set a new record of 64 days, 22 hours, and 19 minutes. Federal aviation authorities certified Wynn's products for use in light aircraft.

More Records Broken


The Birds

"The Birds", one of Alfred Hitchcock's famous suspense films starring Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren featured Wynn's products prominently in the movie.



U.S.C.A Championship

This rear-engine racer is one of five Wynn's Friction Proofing Specials competing in U.S.A.C. Championship and Sprint races in 1964. Built by A.J. Watson, whose cares have won five of the last eight Indianapolis 500-mile races this Leader Card Offenhauser was piloted by Wynn's ace driver, Don Branson.


Claim to Fame

Wynn's products are feature in Jerry Lewis' movie "The Family Jewels".


Johnny Cash races in Lake Havasu Boat races in the Wynn's "Ring of Fire".



Don Garlits Approved

Don Garlits, superstar of the developing sport of drag racing, learned that his powerful dragster's engine was protected against piston scuffing when Wynn's was used. His voluntary use of Wynn's led to company sponsorship of his car, an association which was to last many years.


The Snake

Don "The Snake" Prudhomme began his 30 year association with Wynn Oil.



Wynn's X-Tend professional product line is introduced



To the Moon and Back!

Wynn's products were used by NASA on lunar missions to protect critical equipment in extreme heat and cold.



Carl Wynn was appointed an Officer of the Order of the Crown of the Belgian government for his contribution to the growth of the economy of the nation.

Carl Wynn


Looking Flushed

Wynn's PowerFlush machine is introduced. In 1978 it was incorporated into the Cadillac Service Equipment and Merchandising manual, and approved by British Leyland Cars Ltd.



"The Jerk", a comedy film starring Steve Martin, featured Wynn's X-Tend products.

The Jerk


Wynn's Classic

Wynn's Classic Appearance Line introduced.



Wynn’s Sydney to Darwin Safari was announced in 1985. The first event included several international  competitors and more than 200 starters. The race was so tough, more than 75 percent of the field retired after the first competitive leg. Wynn's Safari (later known as the Australasian Safari) was held 29 years straight and became known as one of the world's great endurance events. 

Wynn's Safari 




Wynn's Mark X Power Flush Coolant Recycling Machine Launched.

X Marks the Spot!



PRP2000 is introduced along with the Power Steering Rack and Pinion Flush Kit. This unit was developed to flush contaminants from power rack-and-pinion steering units and recondition seals.



Chrysler approves Wynn's patented engine coolant recycling system.


  • Audi/VW approves Wynn's Fuel System Tune-up and Injection System Purge.

  • Renault approves Wynn's France industrial Fluid.

  • Citroen and Peugeot approved eight fuel system products and services.

  • Exclusive contract signed with Dow Chemical North America for on-site coolant recycling inhibitor chemicals.

Chrysler Approved


ISO 9001

Wynn's Oil Company, USA achieves ISO 9001 Certification.


Chrysler approved Wynn's TranServe Automatic Transmission Flush system.



Wynn's Wins Bathurst 1000

Wynn's won Bathurst with Greg Murphy and Steven Richards in 1999. 
Murphy and Richards were a strong combination that drove hard and smart all day, seeing off the almost race-long challenge from Paul Radisich and Steve Ellery in their #18 Shell Ford from Dick Johnson Racing.

The win in 1999 was the second win for each of the duo.



Wynn's Becomes part of ITW 

In 2005 Wynn’s became part of the Performance Polymers & Fluids division of Illinois Tool Works.


Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE:ITW) designs and produces an array of highly engineered fasteners, components, equipment, packaging, power systems & electronics, polymers and fluids, decorative surfaces and specialty products for customers around the world.



Wynn's Mark X Power Flush Coolant Recycling Machine Launched.

X Marks the Spot!


Celebrating 80 Years

Throughout its legendary history, wynn’s, now worldwide, has remained at the forefront of automotive performance and maintenance technology.


Wynn’s heritage of automotive excellence dates back to 1939 and that leadership continues today with an array of products designed to effectively treat and improve a car’s engine. We remain as relevant today as we were in the humble beginnings of an old one car garage so many years ago.


Wynn’s represents a reliable brand that generations of car owners have come to know and trust, and we’ll work hard to keep earning your loyalty, one bottle at a time.

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